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Show Guest & websites Description
2181 Sandra Timco

Producer & Host of Lumen Christi - "Beaten but not Broken".  My father's World War II diary shared.  Imprisoned in 5 Nazi Prison Camps resulting in being captured at the front lines at the Battle of the Bulge.  This diary was entered daily and kept hidden.  Powerful material, amazing journey, amazing faith, amazing man.  Great reading - great inspiration.  Paperback copies of this book are available by calling (586) 612-4290 or (513) 671-4499.  Copies are $14.99 plus postage & handling.

2192John KruseWCAR Divine  Mercy message and history of St. Faustina
2191Patrick HirzelAttorney amazing disciple , amazing husband, father, friend.
2190Michelle YaxCurrent executive director of Mothers and Unborn Baby Care
This has to be one of the most powerful shows we have ever produced.
After a chilling account of a secret abortion- post abortive sydrome hits
so hard Michelle nearly makes it back to wholeness. Jesus was victorious.
2189Leonie - The MovieMotion picture filmed in neighboring Romeo- the
story of St. Theresas' sister Leonie.  A learning disability and a rebellious
spirit  Leonie helps all viewers appreciate a parents dilema and the childs  
experience when strong wills collide.
2188Julie MalacuskyThe Dream Project- Surrender takes on new meaning when you
hear this wonderful missionarys testimony.
2187Chaplain Melinda AlbrightFellowship of Chaplains- Arriving on the scene of
major tragedies, First Response workers have a huge job of helping people cope
with loss.
2186Fr.Thomas SutherlandHuman Sexuality- A wonderful mature approach to
understanding our  condition and what our faith expects of us.
2182-85 Dave Thomas


2180 Kathy Marcell

Discipleship - Kathy walks what she talks and talks what she walks.  Her journey of obedience is astounding.  She has done so much to serve the Kingdom of God and is committed to continue.  Truly inspirational.

2179 Tim Ferguson

Annulments - This show is fantastic!!!  The information is so informative, Tim's gentle delivery of the highly misunderstood process of annulment is nothing short of wonderful.  Anyone divorced or in the process wanting to remain true to the church and desiring real healing and closure NEEDS THIS ONE. No, an annulment DOES NOT ILLEGITIMIZE CHILDREN!!!!!! Watch and learn.

2178 Jeffrey Ball

Finding the Church - What a heart wrenching testimony!  Jeff's journey from the Baptist faith to a conversion to Catholicism is splendid.  Moving is probably a great way to describe this one.  Highly recommended.

2177 Molly & Meaghan

Children, A Gift from God - Two delightful little girls give their perception on scripture and other faith issues.  They charm us with their spontaneity and Irish dancing.  Fun for all ages.

2176 Father Art Cooney

This is one of our all time favorite shows.  This message of forgiveness is so revolutionary it has a profound and immediate effect on the viewer.  This one is BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!!  A great show for anyone struggling with receiving forgiveness or giving forgiveness.

2175 Dave Thomas

Business man extraordinaire - Father of seven, speaker, disciple, a true man of God!  From a childhood filled with pain, to a successful run as football player for Michigan State, Dave struggled to feel complete.  Then came Jesus.  Great example for men of all ages.

2174 Rick Rose

Messianic conversion - Rick born and raised Jewish, found faith on his won and found his own faith!!  As he grew, so did his need to explore new ideas.  Rick met and married an Irish Catholic girl and this is his conversion story.  One of the most powerful two part series we have ever produced.

2173 Pastor Dave Berry

The Mission - Young Pastor Dave is making a huge mark in his Florida community.  Helping the impoverished by providing food, clothing and a healthy portion of the word of God.  His testimony is so very touching.  Real inspiration for anyone considering mission ministry.

2172 Edith Evans Evangelization is Edith's life!! Obedience and Surrender discussed. Uplifting!!
2171 Mary Edwards Church, We Are Hope. A true disciple of Detroit, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Preacher - true voice for Detroit. What a testimony  - pregnant at 13 - in a family of dysfunction - generational curse pasted on - but Victory In Christ Jesus, Won Out.
2170 Leigh Lentini Rosary. Such a beautiful show about Blessed Mother - her intercession, her love.
2169 Rick Rosen  Pt 2 This part is so moving. Lots of good information, lots of heart!
2168 Rick Rosen  Pt 1 Messianic Jewish Man leaves the heritage and traditions he knew to follow the lead of the Holy Sprit
2167 Dave Webster Conversion Pt 2 Author and Speaker continues his story of conversion to the Catholic Church.
2166 Dave Webster Conversion Pt 1 Third generation Baptist Minister shares struggles of conversion to Catholicism. Alienation - wonder.
2165 Peter Rucinski Warfare within the Church. What a Great Testimony. What an interesting perception of the Body of Christ.
2164 Gordon Hamilton / Teresa Hamilton "Restoration" A beautiful witness of faith and true sacrament love in marriage. This is a good show for any one feeling hopeless about any situation - this story proves "Anything is Possible with God".
2163 Gordon Hamilton Pt 1 "Brokenness" Panic attack, agorapotra spiritual abuse - all issues that Gordon fell prey to. Then the Holy Sprit entered.
2162 Joe Maher-Pete Ferrara What do the priests that are accused really go through. What about the innocently accused. This is a ministry for our times. Judge an be not judged
2161 Fr Dan Havron A stimulating conversation about blessings and curses. How Powerful the spoken word really is. How to identify and break curses. Very informative.
2160 Michael Mel Shares Compound Pharmaceutical Homeopathic Medicine. Our Spiritual walk with Jesus and how it effects our health.
2159 Linda Perakis Author of "Led By The Spirit", Behold, "The Hand Maid of the Lord" beautiful woman, Beautiful Testimony.
2158 Marino Restrepo Amazing man, incredible testimony! Marino shares deep insights and revelation about the Eucharist, Blessed Mother, and Mercy.
2157 Seminarian Dave Jenuioine Alone with God, a three part series
2156 Father Val Rykowski Pt I Shares about the benefits of the Sacraments of Penance. Beautiful
2155 Father Val Rykowski Pt II Father shares his story of his own vocation
2154 Padre Pio Center A Current interview with Marie Collandra, daughter of the now deceased founder Vera Collandra.
2153 John Leary Visionary, Author, Speaker. Author of 42 books of end time occurrences. Illuminati, Microchip. Very Interesting
2152 Carol Ameche Visionary Author Speaks of God's mercy and upcoming end time events
2151 Josyp Terelya World re-known author, visionary speaker and painter. Josyp talks about his constant visitation from Our Blessed Mother
2150 Fr. Stephen Valenta, OFM Conv A delightful interview with a very holy and focused man. Father talks about the "new miraculous medal", saved and savored for this time in history. Also discussed the wonders of Blessed Mother and his current book, The Journey from the Head to the Heart and Beyond (a must read)
2140 Natural Family Planning - Part I This highly educational explanation of natural family planning is a must see for all couples wanting a family. From the Doctor's description of reproduction, a priest sharing the moral and spiritual side of birth control to the many couples witnessing how this safe method enhances their intimacy. This tape has it all. Great teaching tool or wedding gift. Produced entirely by the Natural Family Planning Program of the Archdiocese of Lansing.
2130 Natural Family Planning - Part II see 2140
2120 Marino Restrepo "Where am I now"? The fifth tape we have produced with this giant of a disciple. On this tape Marino shares about purgatory and the Eucharist.
2110 Cindy Cupicz Rainbows for God's Children - Great ministry for children suffering from loss. Loss either death or divorce emotionally devastates children. This program helps the child grieve and move forward
2100 Barb Middleton President of Holy Trinity Apostolate, Barb talks about the good works the apostolate is doing. Upcoming seminar - Glories of the Church Calendar, and the importance of surrender - Seeing the impossible made possible.
2090 John Leary Well known author and visionary shares recent messages of hope and guidance. John has been a guest on Lumen Christi four times. He has written over 40 books. All of John's interviews are faith stretching.
2080 Daria Anton Maranatha Springs has produced some wonderful fruit and Daria is true testimony to that fact. After her father received a miraculous healing, Daria just became more of a servant for the Kingdom of God. She speaks about the "Rosary of the Unborn" and encourages people to come to Maranatha and receive.
2070 Gary Glen President of the American Family Association. Gary talks about many of the insidious attempts of society through politics and media that are slowly trying to undermine the fabric of family. Same sex marriage and the fight against it is also discussed.
2060 Delores Bacon Compassion Pregnancy Director. Delores shares all the lovely services provided that truly give women in need a positive choice. Helping them long after the baby is delivered by providing food, clothing, and emotional support.
2050 Fred Kobler Christian / Catholic Financial Advisor and Tax Consultant. Bringing his values and integrity into his profession. Some great financial tips to help anyone in need.
2040 John Leary Another visit with reknown visionary and author of some 30 books. John explains in this program the tribulation, the three days of darkness, illumination of conscience, the order of events that the Lord is preparing His Children for. Fantastic and Informative.
2030 Bishop Dominic Kokkat A wonderfully informative interview with the Bishop of Gorakhpur, India. The massive population and overwhelming poverty make this conversation humbling as well as informative. The Bishop tells of the victory of the Catholic church in his area as well as her hardships.
2020 Carol Ameche The Lord's "little soldier" working hard as a modern day prophet, preparing the listening world for the trying times waiting ahead. Parts 1 and 2.
2010 Mary Ellen Gavin A two time gues on Lumen Christi this lady is working hard to make the world a better place. Right to Decency the ministry she represents and is the foundress of, is working in the local community to make sure lew activities are not able to corrupt the areas we reside in. From reading material to indecent billboards, or local bar activities the Lord is leading these dedicated servat to help restore our homeland to dignity. Very good information, inspiring.
2000 Michael Govan Christian counselor extrodinaire. Using one of the most cutting edge forms of therapy known as EMDR. Patients are receiving emotional healings and being set free at an incredible rate of time. For instance the average rape victim may spend anywhere from 9 months to 3 years in the care of a counselor working on all the scars that come in the aftermath of that terrible crime. But with EMDR a total recovery may be acheived in the miraculous time frame of 3 or 4 visits. For anyone struggling with emotional baggage from pain resulting from childhood hurts or problems dealing with the stresses attributed to our ever increasing complicate world, we recommend this two part series. Michael is a true servant of the Living God, Jesus Christ. Parts 1 and 2.
1900 Frank Merditaj Convicted Christian, devoted Catholic, black belt grand champion Frank is not only a great martial arts teacher, he is a great example for young and old alike. A strong faith life, a disciplined athlete - we all were inspired by how the Lord is using him. Good safety tips demonstrated at the end of the program.
1890 Marino Restrepo - Part I An amazing story of conversion.  This man's story of being kidnapped in the jungles of Columbia for six months, held captive in a cave, and his experiencing the "illumination of conscience" is absolutely incredible.  A great gift idea for inspiring anyone.  Really powerful for the hard to convince.  Marino's conversion story - from contract musician for CBS Records - fast living "new age disciple" to a true mouth piece for Jesus Christ - will keep you at the edge of your seat.  I highly recommend this three part tape series.
1891 Marino Restrepo - Part II see 1890
1892 Marino Restrepo - Part III see 1890
1880 John Leary Highly regarded visionary, author, and speaker. Lots of good prophetic information about the troubled times we live in. Words of Truth and Wisdom. John has written over 30 books.
1870 Dr. Steve Abella Taped at Detroit's Childrens Hospital. A warm and informative interview with the generous physician who cared for Maja during her bone marrow transplant ( Part of a 3 part series on Maja).
1860 About Maja Maja is a little Polish girl in need of a bone marrow transplant. Here is a fantastic example of what can be done when the community pulls together to help one in need.
1850 Larry Behr Director of a lay Catholic association whose mission is to construct a 700 ft high monument in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Holy Innocence. This labor of love is planned to grace Buffalo, New York.
1840 Esther Hall A beautiful tribute to a grand "woman of God". Her life story and tenderness is very moving.
1830 Gayle Brannan Preacher - Teacher evangelist, singer. This young man is absolutely remarkable. In a world gone wrong - the Lord certainly has raised up a strong gifted mouthpiece for the churches "next generation".
1820 Fr. Ben Kosnac Father does it again! This time edifying the family of Jesus with rich wisdom. "All about Mary".
1810 Bob Olson Representing Presentation Ministry "an absolute legend in Cincinnati". This group of disciples has stayed true to the task over the years. Feeding the hungry with "one Bread One Body" a daily devotional. The presentation is truly the work of HIS hands.
1800 Larry Behr One of the dedicated and determined groups whose mission is to construct a 700 ft high monument in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Holly Innocence. This labor of love is planned to grace the shores of St. Louis.
1790 Larry Carlson Director of Youth Haven Ranch, taped on location.  Larry does a magnicent job providing for the wounded children that visit the ranch.  A long established port of refuge for the hurting, Larry shares the history of a family committed years ago to establishing and maintaining excellence that is a standard a
1780 Dr. Randy Carlson President of Family Life Communications, author, national speaker, radio personality, reknown Christian pyshcologist, husband and father. Taped at Youth Haven Ranch, this is one delightful interview
1772 Dr. Grady McMurtry - Part II Second visit from this extraordinary scholar!! More good talk, more big truth, more dispelling the lies. Creation vs Evolution, dinosaurs, Noah's ark Lots of info.
1771 Dr. Grady McMurtry- Part I One of the countrys leading spokesman on Creation vs Evolution, Dr. Grady shares his conversion story.  For years teaching evolution at Berkley  this mans mind and heart was changed when through trying to prove his point,  the Lord elightened him with HIS point.
1760 Fr. Ben Kosnac Dearly loved pastor of St. Cyril and Mrthodius Church.  Father shares his call to the priesthood and the challenges of growing up in Communist Slovakia.  Brilliant man shining brilliantly for the Kingdom of God.
1750 Cheryl Foti Foundress of Embrace the Children.  A wonderful ministry helping to promote spiritual growth and disipleship in women through out the Cincinnati area.  A few additional outreaches mission sites outside the country to meet the needs of children and once yearly massive gathering for Catholic women held in Cinncinnati. Cheryl is a highly annointed instrument of the LordFoundress of Embrace the Children.  A wonderful ministry helping to promote spiritual growth and disipleship in women through out the Cincinnati area.  A few additional outreaches mission sites outside the country to meet the needs of children and once yearly massive gathering for Catholic women held in Cinncinnati. Cheryl is a highly annointed instrument of the Lord
1742 Randy and Sue Hollemans - Part II see 1741
1741 Randy and Sue Hollemans - Part I A very important 2 part series on packing an emergency back pack - a must see for the perilous times we live in. Useful information for every family
1730 Fr. Joseph Esper This truly holy man blesses us with common sense wisdom on what in our world has unfolded all around us. Preparation on spiritual and physical elvels are discussed. Very good stuff!
1720 Fr. Laurence Gesy Best friend of Fr. Pytel, Fr. Gesy is the excorsist of Baltimore Maryland. His testimony of this type of calling along with some accounts of excorsism are fascinating. Fr. Gesy has authored a book about dangerous cults.
1710 Fr. Ronald Pytel Pastor of Holy Rosary Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Father's miraculous healing of a severely damaged heart ultimately provided the Vatican with the third miracle needed to canonize Blessed Faustina. Saint Faustina's life and message of Divine Mercy is shared. Taped in the beautiful balcony of Holy Rosary Church.
1700 Pastor Rich Kress From CEO in the past business world to Pastor of the newly established Providence Community Church located on 26 Mile Rd, in Washington, MI. A really refreshing approach to lead the unchurched to Christ Jesus.
1692 Leon Suprenant - Part II Leon continues to share about fatherhood, faith and being used largely as a laywitness for Christ.
1691 Leon Suprenant - Part I President of Catholics United for Faith, and editor of Laywitness Magazine. Leon shares so much edifying information . From the warfare people in ministry go through, to being a faith filled father serious about setting a Christ like example for all his children.
1683 Maranatha Spring - Part III Apparition site in Elryia Ohio. George Morrow and Larette Lake tell their encounters of grace, conversion, and surrender. These two are now servants of Love - Volunteers at this holy port of refuge. Incredible stuff.
1682 Maranatha Spring - Part II Apparition site in Elryia Ohio. Matthew Larkin and Billy Wilkins, one time skeptics in need of physical healing. Both received awesome miracles, both began a faith walk toward Jesus and His Blessed Mother that has resulted in them becoming volunteers at this amazing pilgrimage site.
1681 Maranatha Spring - Part I Apparition site in Elryia Ohio. Director Mary Ann Augustine shares how and why she walked away from a life of comfort and commodity to enter and live a life of surrender and true poverty. Inspiring.
1672 Fr. Peter Mary Rookey - Part II see 1672
1671 Fr. Peter Mary Rookey - Part I Vocation of over 60 years. Wonderful world renown ministry. Truly a humble servant with amazing testimony.
1662 John Leary - Part II see 1661
1661 John Leary - Part I Visionary author, speaker - another of Gods voice pieces during this time of change in a perilous world. First taping with a studio audience. Some facets of this conversation are quite heavy.  Enlightening, informative, thought provoking, but could also be frightening for those new in their faith.
1650 Kathleen Connor Wonderful missionary / teacher / preacher. Teaching about Divine Mercy, helping spread the gospel through missionary work in the Ukraine. In our own area, helping promote gatherings to incite holiness.
1640 Aaron Antis Son of the late Harry Antis does a fantastic job of sharing his fathers legacy of divinely inspired art and love. The relationship between this son and his father is so inspiring.
1630 Sandra Antis Wife of the late great artist Harry Antis. A true legacy of love and incredible, divinely inspired artwork left behind after his recent death. This show is FANTASTIC.
1620 Sandra McConoll Founder of the Evangelization program geared at helping teach evangelization skills to the masses to reach the masses for Christ. Lovely conversation and a wonderful ministry.
1612 Tony Bellemo - Part II see 1611
1611 Tony Bellemo - Part I Liturgical artist, nationally recognized. Absolutely beautiful artwork explained and displayed. Really inspiring conversation focuses on the current state of the frailty in the church and how it has affected Tony's work and ministry.
1600 Professor Kelly Bowring Brilliant theologian, wonderful testimony. A beautiful and gifted disciple with so much information.
1590 Fr. Jim Bilot Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Detroit. Lovely man -- lovely sharing about the precious vocation handed to us by Jesus himself. The priesthood is alive and well in holy men like this one!.
1580 Theophostics Dorothy Stephens talks about this most complete form of inner healing. Anyone struggling with hurts and unresolved issues will find their answers in this healing process, with Jesus as their guide.
1570 John Rudnicki What a unique ministry!! This program is probably one of the most unique weve ever done. Inspirational as well as entertaining. Surprise ending!
1560 Leigh Lentine Beautiful devotion to the Rosary. Leigh teaches some wonderful information about this powerful scripturally based prayer.
1550 Carol Ameche Author, Speaker, Prophet. A lovely disciple entrusted with direction for the people of God. Faith building
1540 Providence House A true port of refuge in Pontiac. Gordy Lindsay, director of Providence House shares how a childhood of love and sound direction in Christ Jesus led him as an adult to give something back to the community. A testimony that is sweet and encouraging not only to parents hungering to do right -- but a testimony of all of the children who have experienced Providence House and have gone to college.
1532 Fr. Dan Havron - Part II see 1531
1531 Fr. Dan Havron - Part I Although evangelization is his first love, Father Dan is truly gifted in educating and helping people understand the need for discovering the roots of illness and sin through inter-generational healing. This is a two part series that is a must for anyone whose family has struggled with addictions, terminal illness, divorce, financial problems, witchcraft ... the list goes on. Highly recommended -- There is VICTORY IN CHRIST!
1520 Archbishop John Bereslavsky Mother of God Church in Moscow, Russia - After visiting Moscow in November 2001 and making new friends in Christ -- new friends returned the gesture by coming and blessing all who met him with his warm charismatic personality and rich devotion to Jesus and His mother. The time together in this show is a true blessing.
1510 Connie Cavender Retired pastor currently busy speaking and teaching about Jesus Christ. Also sharing her personal physical transformation after losing 100 pounds in a year using a Christian based diet program. This is an amazing time of sharing.
1500 Fr. Karl Pung Vocations Director for the Diocese of Lansing. This young man is a true example of a holy priest dedicating his young life to serving the Lord and His body. Truth at a time of struggle about the priesthood within the church.
1490 Open Arms Ministry work being done in Columbia focusing on street children. Providing de-tox as most children are highly addicted to an industrial inhalant that numbs their hunger and emotional pains. Open Arms offers them a new beginning by providing a stable loving environment, nourishment for the body and soul, and with Jesus Christ, a new beginning. The director shares his amazing testimony. This is good stuff.
1480 Fr. Larry Abler Solanus Casey Center - Asked to help put together the organization to promote and help build the Father Solanus Casey Memorial center in Detroit, MI -- this man is a blessing to hear. Father Solanus Casey lovers will be very grateful to hear this information.
1470 Sharon Dunsmore The story of Tiny Tim - Sharon, an RN, asked to stay an extra shift to care for a baby that survived a "botched abortion," nurtured, cared for, and helped release this tiny life over to Jesus. Years later she met the mother. Tremendous story, this testimony of the child lost has been recognized by Billy Grahams wife Ruth, James Dobson, and others. Any pro-life group or situation would benefit by having this tape.
1460 Fr. Larry Ventline Father has penned several books - his ministry is helping the addicted personality. Addictions, be they food, drugs, alcohol, power, sex, tobacco, work -- he has answers for all those who struggle. Third time visitor to Lumen Christi..
1452 Fr. Val Rykowski - Part II see 1451
1451 Fr. Val Rykowski - Part I This series explains many of the mysteries of the Blessed Trinity. Father Vals teachings are a gift! You will appreciate this precious mans understanding of this important topic.
1440 Pastor Kent Clark This man is well known, well loved, and has served the Pontiac Rescue Mission for years. He has fed, clothed, and spread the Gospel to may of the walking wounded. Hear about his wonderful ministry and this wonderful man.
1430 Pastor Dave Michael Second time visitor to Lumen Christi. Pastor Dave talks about the changes in the economy and what a convicted Christian can do to prepare and stabilize his finances.
1420 Fr. Larry Ventline Working with addictive behavior for years, Father Ventline is a true blessing, helping to provide answers to those trapped in pain. This tape has lots of answers for those affected by addictions.
1412 National Center for Padre Pio - Part II see 1411
1411 National Center for Padre Pio - Part I Shot on location in Barto, PA -- this is not only edifying, but a pleasure for your eyes. Foundress Vera Calandra speaks about PADRE PIO -- interesting and inspiring courtyard interview with guest. The center and grounds are lovely.
1400 Rev. Audrey George "Mother Teresa of Detroit" Always refreshes always informative.  Keeping us connected to our inner city brothers, and sisters.
1390 Andrew Hojnacki Story of Loss after the death of a son 32-year-old Sonny to Cocaine overdoses his journey is a painful yet edifying.
1380 Live from the Shrine WCAR radio personalities John Kruse, Julie Komasara, and Sandra Timco (Lumen Christi host) Share this new radio program that is blessing Detroit
1370 Pastor Aaron Shaw An inspiring testimony of young mans journey from a dysfunctional home life to a wild alcoholic life style in the armed service. Jesus eventually enters and victory is the finale.
1360 Fr. Guss Copps A refreshing sharing - Committed to a full time healing ministry.  This Dutch Capuchin servant is so delightful this half-hour is a true blessing.
1350 Rachel Shaw A pastors wife who was sent to a small northern town,  discovered the women in the area in dire need of edification.  Following the lead of the Holy Spirit,  Rachel began a woman's seminar called GRACE 1999, 2000, and 2001.  After three years the number continue to grow.  Rachel performs an original piece of music at the shows end. 
1340 Nails and Scars Christian rock and roll group.  Their music is as powerful as their commitment to the Lord.  Several original pieces of music are performed.
1330 Bishop Andre Wood Pastor of Revival Tabernacle in Detroit.  This man KNOWS the WORD of GOD, and how to deliver it to the hungry .  Wonderful sharing.
1320 John Kruse Creative director of WCAR Catholic Radio. An interesting conversation about conversion surrender and Divine Mercy.  
1310 Mike Pirrone Once an out of control alcoholic, at the edge of losing everything dear to him, Christ was invited in.  Victory in total Deliverance Mike began the slow process of becoming a minister, pastor and then began  S.T.R.A.I.G.H.T.  An eight step recovery program for any addiction including alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, shopping etc.  Very Informative.
1300 Rev. John Chacha Born and raised in Africa, John conversion to Christianity is amazing to say the least!! The author of many books on spiritual warfare, healing, discipleship the list goes on and on.  Currently the pastor of a church in Virginia, and director of Teamwork Ministry.  Teamwork travels to Africa several times yearly to deliver food, clothing, and most important;  the Word of God.
1290 Fr. Gerry Pehler As director of the Capuchin Retreat Center of Washington, Mich. Father has a wonderful insight to  removing ourselves from the busy lifestyles we lead to make a special time and place to retreat with Christ.  The benefits are life changing.  
1280 Dawn Bumstead General manager of WUFL Family Life Radio. Dawn shares a delightful journey of faith and trust as she was led into radio ministry.  Programs available on WUFL are also discussed.
1270 Mike Kudzia A man seriously committed to the pro-life movement, Mikes passion is contagious.   Also an active member of The Holy Trinity  Apostolate his faith walk is refreshing and inspirational.
1260 Teresa Tomeo After  20 years of working as a journalist and television reporter for WXYZ TV and WKBD TV, and gathering some radio awards along the way, Teresa found her faith being compromised in a variety a ways, for a variety of reasons. A powerful testimony. 
1250 Kathy Larkin HANDS -  Youth minister extraordinaire!!  Shares how she was led into the ministry.  Hands is a dynamic original MIME presentation presented by the youth group.  A stirring drama depicting Creation through the Crucifixion.
1240 Mary Ellen Gavin Right to Decency - An Intense interview with a woman is intent on making a difference.  Promoting a healthy moral community by educating others about existing laws and ways of combating obscenity and pornography.
1234 Josyp Terelya - Part IV A montage of video clips of Josyp world wide travels.  One scene shows an outdoor mass with the once underground church, during the mass KGB agents suspiciously watch from their stations behind trees. 
1233 Josyp Terelya - Part III A glimpse at  the world wide evangelization that Josyp does currently.  He also discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the church today.
1232 Josyp Terelya - Part II A rare opportunity to see Terelyas world class art work.  Many pieces were created while incarcerated.  He ingeniously concocted a mixture of boot black and sugar to create a type of paint.
1231 Josyp Terelya - Part I Living martyr, author visionary.  This four part series is one of the most powerful we have ever been able to offer to the community.  Truly a living legend, Josyp shares his life of 24 years of imprisonment in Ukrainian concentration camps, prisons, labor camps and psychiatric hospitals.  An emergence as a true witness for Christ beyond compare.Josyp shares his childhood.  His mother worked for Lenin in the Communist regime.  Refusing to join the armed forces and be indoctrinated into the party Josyp story begins to unfold.  .  
1220 Tom Keilman ALPHA - Sergeant Tom Keilman is an excellent representative for ALPHA.  An international evangelization effort according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette recently printed.  "Alpha is the hottest movement to sweep mainstream Christianity since Promise Keepers." 
1212 Pastor Henry Wright - Part II see 1211
1211 Pastor Henry Wright - Part I With a pre-med background prior to answering His call in to ministry-- Henry Wright has uncovered the spiritual roots of hundreds of diseases.  His information on the spiritual roots of cancer, diabetes, lupus, allergies, auto immune disorders  and hundreds of other maladies, has caused pastors nation wide to embrace and be taught this amazing information to better serve the Body of Christ.  Medical professionals have been receiving this information also.  This is truly a fantastic manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
1200 Fr. Ernesto Sesselo Spiritual director of Katya Rivas.  Father reads messages from the divinely inspired writings of Katya, and explains the apostolate they are involved in.
1190 Dr. Ricardo Castanon World renown neuropsychologist that tested Katya, and 40 other visionaries for authenticity.  While conducting Delta brain wave tests, this convicted atheist came to a startling conclusion, and a life changing conversion.  This is an amazing sharing!!
1182 Katya Rivas - Part II see 1181
1181 Katya Rivas - Part I Bolivian stigmatist with an amazing story  of conversion.  Her explanation of her stigmata and unifying with Christ in a measure of His pain is absolutely beautiful.  This has to be one of our most beautiful presentations.  Taped in Birmingham, Alabama, in November of 1999.  Four part series, two with Katya.
1170 Brother Joe Candel Franciscan from Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Carey, Ohio.  Amazing information about the history of the 125 year old shrine where thousands of healings have been reported.
1160 Sr. Margaret Mary The history of the consecration of the Two Hearts is discussed.  Rich sharing.
1150 Fishermans Net Church Truly being fisher of men, this dynamic body of believers.  Lives the commission Jesus gave the disciples!  With a large array of ministries offered to the Body of Christ.  This church is a literal potpourri of gifts of talents, being used to propagate the Kingdom.
1140 Bishop Blair Along with his duties as Bishop, he is also pastor of St. Paul Parish in Grosse Pointe.  Shares information about the laity and their role to committed disciplining in the church today.  Informative and encouraging.
1132 Pastor Steve Upshure - Part II see 1131
1131 Pastor Steve Upshure - Part I Peacemakers International an amazing ministry headed by this humble man of God.  Years of alcohol and severe drug addiction were his learning arena prior to surrendering to Jesus.  Frank, sobering material.
1122 Tom Cole - Part II see 1121
1121 Tom Cole - Part I An astounding testimony of being delivered from the deception of Homosexuality.  After living the lifestyle for 13 years, Tom came to know Christ, freedom, marriage, and children.  A ministry to help counsel the sexually dysfunctional.  Exodus International is explored.
1110 Fr. Jesse Cox O.P. Dominican Evangelist extraordinaire, currently director of the "Sign Me Up" project for Evangelization in the Archdiocese of Detroit.  His credits are large and long working to promote Gods Kingdom.
1100 Pastor Dave Michael A true journey from the darkness and deception of New Age Theology into a ministry of service and truth.  Pastor of New Hope Christian Church.  Amazing testimony.
1090 Dan Nagele Youth director extraordinaire share his 10 years experience in Youth Ministry.  Constant growth, innovative style and powerful testimony, make this show a must for anyone working with youth or parenting.
1080 Regina Young Hailing from Ulsee Texas - She shares her journey from a committed mental hospital stay, to inner healing through therapy to wholeness in Christ.
1072 John Hine - Part II see 1071
1071 John Hine - Part I Once a millionaire this businessman used everything trying to find a cure for a terminal lung disease brought about by poisonous gases.  With a mere three months to live, John received a major miracle.
1060 Sr. Margaret Mary Sister talks about the importance of consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. 
1052 A Fathers Loss - Part II see 1051
1051 A Fathers Loss - Part I Males loss through abortion.  Location piece taped in Marmora, Ontario.  Discussion on conversion stimulated by one mans child loss through abortion.
1040 Eugene Jackson Full Cup Cafe in Holly, Michigan is one of the very cool things being done to promote fellowship by Christian Fellowship Church.  Eugene sings at finale.
1030 Mother Marie Rose Proprietor and care giver of the Little Rose Chapel.  An oasis for prayer and the site of thousands of miracles.  Very interesting Piece.
1020 Christmas Show Michael Hughes is a wonderful songwriter who perform two original pieces.  His testimony is interesting. A Christmas classic is performed by Sandy and Michael at the shows end.
1010 Angela Nooe Project Rachael director shares about this amazing post abortion healing process.  Unique and effective Project Rachel works for helping wounded post abortive women to become whole again.
1000 Carver Alan Ames Three time visitor to Lumen Christi.  Australian visionary, author and speaker shares about Gods mercy.
990 Bob Bouchey Has a brother who is an optometrist.  Several times yearly he travels to Gunge, India to perform eye surgery on the poorest of the poor.  Under unbelievably pathetic conditions sight is restores.  Pictures of the trip are featured.
980 Yo-Yo Ministries This wonderfully talented family of  teens and their ministry to the youth.
970 Rock and Roll Bible Study An early show taped on location at Shepherds Gate Church this innovative  approach to youth bible study is exciting.  Christian Rock group perform.
960 Macomb Singles Ministry A singles group gathering to give praise and service to benefit the refreshing.
950 Rev. Ed Hughes and Linda Hughes Hailing from Chattanooga, TN.  Ed reaches the broken in a profound way.  His own testimony of a life of hard drinking severe drug abuse and loose living caught up with him at three junctures in his life.  Pronounced dead three different times, this man knows about the resurrection power of Jesus Christ!!
940 Brother Rick Serving at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit, Ricks testimony to how he got to where he is in service for the Lord is captivating.
930 Andrea Linenger Treasures in Clay Jars - Andrea Linenger is a survivor!  Free from a 14 year abusive marriage, she gained in higher learning and became a pastor.  Breast cancer didn't slow her down from doing the Lords work.  She performs a dance of worship at the end of the show.
920 Fr. Joseph Esper Y2K expert sharing information that can make an enormous difference spiritually, emotionally and physically.  A must see.
910 Via De Cristo Life changing retreat, so powerful ones walk with Christ is never the same.
902 Frank Runyon - Part II see 901
901 Frank Runyon - Part I Daytime network soap opera star, visits and shares life in the fast lane, then his departure to perform exclusively for Christ.
890 John Kruse Ministry on Tap - John Kruse from radio station WCAR, takes the gospel out to the people.  In this case its to the people in bars and clubs in and around our area.
880 Lori Gorian Making rosaries from rose petals is a lovely ministry, this is a lovely show.
870 Mary Burnett Divorce Recovery -  Mary Burnett facilitates a group of singles healing and coping with life after marriage.
864 Mary Mediatrix of All Graces Sacred Icon - Part IV see 861
863 Mary Mediatrix of All Graces Sacred Icon - Part III see 861
862 Mary Mediatrix of All Graces Sacred Icon- Part II see 861
861 Mary Mediatrix of All Graces Sacred Icon - Part I Fascinating four part series on this special icon.  35 Miracles attributed to intercession of Mary.
850 Jay McNally Managing editor of Credo Magazine, nice conversation.
842 John Leary - Part II see 841
841 John Leary - Part I Powerful end time ministry.  This author and true mouth piece for the Lord is amazing to say the least.  Lots of incredible end time info.
830 Lonnie and Gwen Burrell What a great Christian couple! What a strong story, Gwen performs a wonderful song.
820 Bud Ozar From the Office for Family and Youth, Archdiocese of Detroit, this mans presentation on the differences between men and women is so much fun yet so informative.
810 Elize Arndt National speaker author and radio personality, this pastors wife is an amazing vessel for the Lord.
800 Mike Wozniak Sports Spectrum, super sports magazine where major Christian sports personalities have an avenue to share their testimony.
790 Steven K. Ray Fantastic conversion story.  Baptist scholar Steven and his wife have converted to Catholicism with great fervor.  Author and speaker.
780 Mazur Family Four year old Trevor Mazur, diagnosed with Deuchene MD, has parents with a mission.  Ed and Linda are educating the community about this dreaded disease.
770 Blessed Mother Foundation Brian and Linda Palmer head up this committed group working to provide a haven to provide a retreat center, wonderful school, training center and other offerings in the Washington, Romeo area.
760 Domestic Violence A victim, a perpetrator, and  Joyce Zoppi from the Archdiocese of Detroit share some incredible conversation about what theyve lived, and what the church is doing to help in this tragedy.
750 Pace Post abortion counseling, powerful personal testimony given by guest.
740 Parish Nursing Health care information provided by local registered nurses sharing in congregational setting.  Physical and spiritual healing stressed.
730 Marilla Ness Englands number one Christian artist, shares history of her music ministry, and performs one of her musical selections.
720 Pastor Tim Forsthoff Pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church and "Walking in His Word" radio Ministry talks about his personal conversion and immoral behavior within the church body.
710 Dan Morley Grandson of Morley Candy founders, shares how he brings his faith to the workplace.
700 Carver Alan Ames second visit for this visionary from Australia discusses euthanasia, Gods mercy and the importance of conversion.
692 Through the Eyes of a Child - Part II see 692
691 Through the Eyes of a Child - Part I Interview discussing current issues with three elementary school children, two middle school children, and three high schoolers.  Provocative conversation.
682 Fr. John Hardon, S.J. - Part II A continuation of a remarkable conversation with a lengendary man of God. Fantastic! Spiritual director and confessor for Mother Theresa of Calcutta for 25 years / author of 40 books / conference speaker shares his life and times.  Recorded at Assumption Grotto in Detroit.
681 Fr. John Hardon, S.J. - Part I Spiritual director and confessor for Mother Theresa of Calcutta for 25 years / author of 40 books / conference speaker shares his life and times.  Recorded at Assumption Grotto in Detroit.
670 Loose Change Christian Rock and Roll trio write and perform outstanding music for the Lord.
660 John Leary End Times/Tribulations prophet
650 Pleze Former jazz trumpet player testifies about leaving the secular world of music and drugs to live and play for the Lord.
640 Fr. Mike Cooney Discusses the importance of the sacrament of Marriage.
630 WCAR Founders of Detroits first Catholic Radio Station share origin and long-term goals.
620 Richard Amo Former drug runner, eight times married, conveys powerful testimony, currently working with Peacemakers International and Detroits homeless.
610 Prison Ministry Seasoned volunteers Susie Mills and Michele Bailey talk about how they were lead into prison ministry.  Heartbreaking testimony.
600 Fr. Eduard Perrone Pastor of historical Assumption Grotto Church in Detroit and master conductor of classical music shares his love for the Lord, music, and activities at Assumption.
590 Youth Ministry Steve Axe and Chris McGeachran from two different denominations talk about reaching todays youth for Christ. 
580 Broken Dreams Anti-drunk driving foundation formed after the loss of four Troy, MI youths.   Surviving parents and foundations Vice President are guests.
570 CYO Camps Director Steve Johnson shares camp appeal and his personal career change from attorney to camp director.
560 Compassion Pregnancy Center Guest Mary Nixon shares testimony about an unexpected pregnancy that she experienced in her forties as a single mother. Compassion Pregnancy Center aided her in making a decision to keep her baby and help her to provide for the baby once it arrived.
550 Team Center 20 area churches in Birmingham, MI and surrounding cities gather to provide shelter, food, clothing and finances for the poor.
540 Bill Holland An Eagle Scout shares his faith walk, and his film project on reverence for the flag.
530 Marietta Jaeger Survivor whose child was kidnapped and killed 25 years ago on a family camping trip. She teaches on forgiveness, worldwide.
520 Carol Ameche Author and speaker shares end time holy preparation.
510 Camp Cherith Christian Summer Camp in Oscoda, MI. Fun and informative.
500 Fr. Vincent Welch Former Pastor of Saint Peters in Mt. Clemens memorialized by friends.
490 Arlene Apone Director of the Charismatic Renewal Center in Detroit chats about up coming Wind and Fire Seminars.
480 Mark Gilman - WMUZ Christian Radio WMUZ Christian Radio talk show host shares current cause he is fighting for repealing casino gambling in Detroit.
470 Joyce Dunseth and Jody Burmeister Author and Illustrator of children's books.
460 Larry Patton Inspiring handicapped speaker, shares personal testimony, and Hurdling Handicaps Ministry.
450 Sue Christi Bible teacher and public speaker shares a past that only Jesus Christ could save. One hour special.
440 Fr. Joseph Esper Pastor and author speaks about his fictional novel entitled, "After The Darkness". A stirring account of end time events.
430 Stephen Ministry Nation wide ministry that promotes Helping the emotionally wounded.
420 Mary Jo Stetson Mother of six and musician for the Lord. Her writing and singing is more than inspirational.
410 Problem Pregnancy Centers A crisis pregnancy center that aids and educates women in peril.
400 CYO Camps Youth ministry is discussed by two seasoned youth ministers and two teens. Several teens share how youth ministry has affected their life.  Excerpts from the Rainbow Conference shown.
390 Challenge Eddie Edwards and Dave Thomas explain this wonderful men's group that inspires men to greater growth.
380 Rev. Audrey George Rev. Audrey George returns with Tyrone Chatman to discuss the homeless situation on Detroit's streets. Neighborhood Service Organizations Shelter is described.
370 Fr. Mike Cooney Fr. Mike Cooney - explains annulment and annulment procedures.
360 Christmas Special St. Andrews marketplace and Trinity Lutheran hand bell choir perform.
350 Fr. Larry Ventline author and speaker on drugs and alcohol addiction, men's issues, and group facilitating.  Shares personal testimony.
340 Ballet Magnificat Mississippi based ballet company provides breathtaking performance.
330 Gary Michuta Apologetics (Defending the Faith) - Gary Michuta, public speakers teaches on defending the faith.
320 Daniel Kidd Guest House - Daniel Kidd discusses the treatment center for alcoholic priests and nuns.
310 Steve Wright General Manager of WUFL Family Life Christian Radio talks about the best kept secret in Detroit and how diabetes affects his ministry.
300 Fr. Mike Cooney Fr. Mike Cooney shares about the heartbreak of suicide.
290 Adoption Adoptee mother Debbie Lipinski and Rachel the young woman who released her child to Debbie, and Rachels mother share the emotional experience that knitted them together in the Open Adoption.
280 Aglow Bev Gimotty, President of Rochesters Chapter is delightful informing us of all the wonderful areas of ministry Aglow is involved in. Music guest Mission Possible.
270 JoAnn Alyes Catholic Social Services Adoption Agency - JoAnn Alyes director of Child welfare describes the different types of adoption available. Guest Cassie Koss young adult adoptee shares her childhood experience and then as a young adult being reunited with her birth mother.
260 Tim Kelly Christ Renews His Parish - Tim Kelly explains this wonderful program to insight all into being the best parishioner they can be.
250 Compassion Pregnancy Center PACE - Director of Compassion Pregnancy center discusses services available. PACE - Post Abortion Counseling representative share PACE but also personal testimony of Post Abortion Experience.
240 Rock and Roll Bible Study Shepherds Gate Lutheran Church offers a quarterly concert performed by premier Christian Rock bands along with scripture study extended to all members of the local community.
230 Naomi Rocheleau Artist who shares thought provoking testimony of her conversion from new-age theology.   First half of tape is recorded in black and white. 
220 Joyce Moore Established bible study facilitator for over twenty years, shares insight on teaching the Word.
210 Pastor Steve Upshure Peacemakers International - shares personal testimony of severe narcotic addiction, then transformation through Christ Jesus. Current ministry working with addicts, motorcycle gangs in inner city Detroit.
200 Carver Alan Ames Author and visionary recognized by the Archbishop of Perth, Australia shares his personal testimony and ministry
190 Macomb Community Church New Church designed to reach the un-churched through contemporary music, theatrical ministry, and straightforward uncompromised preaching.  Skit and musical selections performed.
180 Parish Nursing Twelve congregations currently have embraced this holistic approach to healing through prayer and health education provided by committed nurses throughout the community.
170 Pat Manchett Bereavement-  Pat Manchett shares her walk through grieving and how the Lord used her to facilitate this ministry.  Bereavement counselor Mary Ann Woodland gives information about the steps in the grieving process.  Song included.
160 One Hour Wedding Special Suggestion for using good stewardship in planning weddings.  Fashion show on location in local wedding chapel.
150 Bishop Harrington Shares his passion for the Eucharist and his testimony of his call to the priesthood.
140 Fitz Family From Gladwin, MI - Minister by juggling and riding unicycles to instill the biblical principal - recognize your gifts and talents. Family travels ten months of the year and home schools their children. Location piece taped at local school.
130 Retrouvaille Representatives Rolf and Alyce Young explain this important ministry geared at saving distressed marriages. The Youngs share their personal testimony and how Retrouvaille saved their marriage.  Musical guests perform.
120 Tom Cole Living Rivers Ministry, Utica Evangelistic Centers shares thirteen-year homosexual lifestyle before coming to know Christ. Currently counseling the sexual dysfunctional and working with Exodus International.
110 Sr. Loretta Mellon Well known speaker and evangelist of Celebrate Life Ministries shares.
100 MOPS International organization Mothers of Pre Schoolers is represented by outgoing director Kathy Martlock. A touching photo montage is included.
90 Rev. Audrey George Considered Mother Theresa of Detroit, shares her ministry with the homeless. Her personal testimony is included.
80 Fr. Mike Cooney St. Peters Parish - Talks about the healing benefits of forgiveness.
70 Eucharistic Adoration Pat Fortin of St. Peters, Mt. Clemens and Leigh Lentine of St. Kierans, Shelby Twp, speak of the beauty and importance of Eucharistic Adoration.   Location shots are included.
60 Terry Surbrook Sex Respect Program - Terry Surbrook explains the highly respected abstinence program.
50 Reformed Prisoners Sylvester Morgan and Salvatore Messina share their conversion experience after a life of crime.
40 Prison Ministry Episcopalian Chaplain Karen Thompson and Catholic Chaplain Joe Luella enlighten us on Ministry at the Macomb Jail.
30 Jim Dunlop Abortion - Jim Dunlop representative of Compassion Crisis Pregnancy Center talks about the services that their organization provides. Kim Ulrich shares her testimony of three abortions prior to coming to know the Lord. Rick extrodinaire performs an original musical composition.
20 Patty Blazis and the Echoes of Praise Musical Minister of St. Andrews Church of Rochester shares her calling 20 years ago into the Music Ministry. The Echoes of Praise perform two musical selections.
10 Samaritan House Fourteen area churches provide free clothing, food for up to ten days, including meats and dairy products, and providing financial assistance for the needy. Location piece touring the beautiful facility in Romeo, MI. Studio interview with outgoing director Nancy extraordinaire.